How much is a rupee to a Naira?

How much is 1000 rupee to a Naira?

Dynamics of the cost changes of 1,000 Rupees (INR) in Naira (NGN)

Date Day of the week 1,000 INR to NGN
October 28, 2021 (today) Thursday 1,000 INR = 5,464.91 NGN
The cost of 1,000 Rupees (INR) in Nigerian Naira for a month (30 days) decreased by -₦71.46 (seventy-one naira forty-six kobo).

How much is 200rupees naira?

200 INR to NGN

The cost of 200 Indian Rupees in Nigerian Naira today is ₦1,094.71 according to the “Open Exchange Rates”, compared to yesterday, the exchange rate decreased by -0.31% (by -₦0.02).

Is rupee higher than Naira?

The naira is the currency of Nigeria. It is subdivided into 100 kobo. The Central Bank of Nigeria is the sole issuer of legal tender money throughout the Federation.

Quick Conversions from Indian Rupee to Nigerian Naira : 1 INR = 5.46714 NGN.

₹ 5 ₦ 27.34
₹ 10 ₦ 54.67
₹ 50 ₦ 273.36
₹ 100 ₦ 546.71

Is Nigeria cheaper than India?

India is 3.8% more expensive than Nigeria.

What is the highest currency in India?

Abbreviated to KWD, Kuwaiti Dinar is commonly used in oil based transactions in Middle East. KWD has the highest currency in the world against Indian rupee as 1 Kuwaiti Dinar is equal to 242.67 INR.

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