How tall does Hindu Kush get?

How tall does Hindu Kush grow?

Hindu Kush plants can reach 1.5 meters outdoors but seldom exceed 1 – 1.2m indoors. If your plants grow taller than 1m, you may need to move them to 10-gallon pots.

How tall does critical Kush get?

Rich, flavorful and aromatic smoke

Strain Type: Feminized
Height Outdoor: 100 – 140 cm
Flowering time: 8 – 10 weeks
Harvest Month: Late September
Genetic Background: Critical x OG Kush

How tall do OG Kush plants grow?

This is a true expression of the famous strain, tested at 23% THC, OG Kush Auto grows up to 110cm, and thanks to her Indica heritage, you can expect up to 550gr/m2 of potent medicine in around 63 days.

What does Hindu Kush smell like?

From the first sniff, the potency and pungent nature of Hindu Kush is apparent, filling the room it’s in with the aroma of earth, pine and flowers followed by hints of sweetness.

Is Hindu Kush an Autoflower?

About Hindu Kush Automatic. A classic pure indica redeveloped as autoflowering seeds. Our Hindu Kush Automatic is affordable, robust, easy to grow and ready to harvest in record time.

Does critical Kush turn purple?

The plant has a purple color during flowering at low temperatures. It grows well in any conditions, and best of all outdoors. Critical Purple Kush is slightly higher than its Critical parent. Its growth reaches 2.5-3 m.

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What’s the best yielding strain?

12 Highest Yielding Strains

  • Blue Dream. Blue Dream is widely considered one of the best overall strains in the United States. …
  • White Widow. …
  • Northern Lights. …
  • Sour Diesel. …
  • Cheese Quake. …
  • Purple Trainwreck. …
  • Super Silver Haze. …
  • Green Gelato.

Is Hindu Kush good for sleep?

Hindu Kush

Depending on how much THC is in the product, Hindu Kush can be suitable for moderate to experienced consumers who want a potent indica widely reported to lull the sleep-challenged into a slumber.

What Hindu strain is blue?

Additional information

Breeder Mosca Seeds
Type Auto Flower
Sex Feminized
Dominance Indica Dominant