Question: How can you say that India is a living example of diversity?

How can we say that India is a country of diversity?

Modern India stands as one of the most diverse countries in the world, a subcontinent that is home to over 100 languages, over 700 different tribes, every major religion in the world, and to some of the world’s largest cities as well as remote regions with almost no people.

What is the example of diversity in India?

All people of India are from different places, has different languages, customs, culture, types of food and most importantly people of India have different Ideas. This is a good example of diversity in India and proves India as a diverse country.

How is India an example of unity in diversity?

Example : A great example of the unity of India in diversity was the unforgettable struggle for independence when the entire country stood on the same platform with different castes and religions. … It should be known that we all have different religious, linguistic, cultural, regional and caste identities.

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Why is India a diverse country explain with example?

One of the special features of India is that it is a country of many diversities. For example: We speak different languages, such as Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, etc. We eat different kinds of food, such as chawal, dal, Rajma, idli, dosa, Roti, etc.

How can we say that India is a diverse country mention any 3 reasons?

(i) India is a land which gave birth to four religions – Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. Muslims also lived in India having a good population. (ii) Caste system of India is unique like Indian population is divided into Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Shudra.

What are the forms of diversity in India How can we say India is a diversified nation?

Religious Diversity:

India is not religiously a homogeneous State even through nearly 80 per cent of the population profess Hinduism. India is a land of multiple religions. We find here followers of various faiths, particularly of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism Zoroastrianism.

What is diversity give an example of social diversity in India?

Hint: India is a country of many diversities. We have various types of food, speak different languages, celebrate different festivals, and practice different religions.

What are the main diversity of India?

RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY – India is a birth place for many religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. Different religions practiced in India are Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism etc.

Why is India a perfect example of unity in diversity discuss?

Unity in India is the best model of unity in diversity because people living with various religions and cultures follow the same laws as laid down by the Constitution of India.

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What is social diversity India?

Social diversity in India is found in terms of race, religion, language, caste and. culture. The unity within the country is both politico-geographic and cultural in nature; there. have been existence of manifold diversities and simultaneously made provision of the. mainstream culture.

What is cultural diversity India?

India has often been recognized as a country of unique and distinct culture. … With many languages, religions, music, dance, foods, architecture which differ from state to state, the Indian culture is an amalgamation of several cultures.