Question: What do we say Delhi in French?

What does Delhi mean?

Some historians believe that Dhilli or Dhillika is the original name for the city while others believe the name could be a corruption of the Hindustani words dehleez or dehali—both terms meaning “threshold” or “gateway”—and symbolic of the city as a gateway to the Gangetic Plain.

What is New York called in French?

‘New York City’ is La ville de New York in French. The expression la ville de literally means ‘the city of. ‘ It is pronounced, ‘la veel duh.

What is correct called in French?

1. (= accurate) correct(e) ⧫ exact(e) That’s correct. C‘est exact. You are correct.

Is Delhi a word?

a union territory in N India. a city in and the capital of this territory: former capital of the old Mogul Empire; administrative headquarters of British India 1912–29. … Compare New Delhi.

Is New York feminine or masculine in French?

‘New York’ can refer to either the US state of New York or to New York City. Neither of these uses, however, has a gender in French grammar. In fact,…

Is Francais masculine or feminine?

The name of the language is LE françAIS – masculine, S silent, lower case F.

Is there Grammarly for French?

Have you ever asked yourself, “does Grammarly check French?” Well, the short answer to that is “no”: Grammarly is solely an English-based grammar checker.

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