Question: Who has most encounters in India?

Are encounters legal in India?

Although, there is no provision in the Indian law that directly authorizes the encounters of criminals, however, there are certain enabling provisions which may be interpreted differently to vest police officers with certain powers to deal with criminals.

Who is Raja Tambat?

Hometown. raja tambat ex acp mumbai city,at present working as assistant genral manager,security in sheth corps,mumbai. Receipent of Gallantry Police Medal in 1983. Meritorious Police service Medal and Prisidents Police Medal for Distingushed Service.

Who are encounter specialists?

Pradeep Sharma is better known for being one of the Mumbai Police’s “encounter specialists”, a bunch of officers known to have gunned down several gangsters in police encounters in the 1990s.

Is there police brutality in India?

2013 – The Dhule Shootout was an incident in which police open fired on violent Muslim youths killing 6 and injuring around 20. … 2018 – The Thoothukudi violence was an incident in Thoothukudi,Tamil Nadu where 13 unarmed protestors were killed and 100+ injured by the Tamil Nadu Police.

Who was the first Don of India?

Karim Lala

Karim Lala کریم لالا
Born Abdul Karim Sher Khan 1911 Kunar Province, Emirate of Afghanistan (present-day Afghanistan)
Died 19 February 2002 (aged 90–91) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Other names Bade Baba
Occupation Smuggling, narcotics, extortion, contract killing, illegal gambling, forced property evictions
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How many fake encounters are there in India?

According to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India, there were many cases of alleged fake encounters: 2002–2008. 440 cases. States with high number of cases were: Uttar Pradesh (231), Rajasthan (33), Maharashtra (31), Delhi (26), Andhra Pradesh (22) and Uttarakhand (19).

Who killed Manya Surve?

After noticing several men closing in on him and taking positions, Surve pulled out his Webley & Scott revolver. However, before he could fire a shot, police officers Raja Tambat and Isaque Bagwan fired five bullets into his chest and shoulder. Surve was dragged from the scene and put in an ambulance.