What college did India Arie go to?

Where is India Arie from?

Why is India Arie named India?

After touring with Sade, India. … India Arie Simpson was born on October 3, 1975, in Denver, Colorado. Her first name was chosen in honor of the birthday of Indian leader Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi, which coincided with her expected arrival date.

Is India Arie from Memphis?

India. … Born in Denver to parents from Memphis and Detroit, India Arie Simpson always had music in her life. Her family moved to Atlanta when she was 13, and after high school she began playing guitar with her mother’s encouragement.

Is India Arie a vegetarian?

India Arie is a vegetarian singer and songwriter

She has release a few albums and toured extensively.

Who is Indie Arie father?

Is India Arie The daughter of Ashford and Simpson?

India Arie is talented as hell but Ashford and Simpson are her parents. Arie was born in Denver, Colorado. She absorbed musical skills early in life as she was encouraged by both parents.

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