What is the value of old 2 rupee note?

How do I sell my old 2 RS note?

How to sell this Rs 2 coin on Quickr:

  1. Register yourself on Quickr.com and log in.
  2. Create a listing for your coin.
  3. Click and upload pictures of the coin on the website.
  4. Interested buyers will contact you directly through the details mentioned on the website.
  5. Negotiate and sell the coin at the highest price offered.

Where can I sell my old notes?

You can sell unique and old currency notes online on eBay. The website also allows the sellers to talk to buyers about the old, rare notes which they want to sell and for how much. It is to be noted that an old note of the 786 series can help you earn a huge amount on the eBay website.

How do I sell my old 1s note?

You just need to go to the website of your choice to sell the notes and click on the Notes section for selling them. Keep in mind that these notes need to have the signature of Governor HM Patel in 1957 and the serial number should be 123456.

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