Which branch is best in IIT Delhi?

Which branch is best for IIT?

IIT Branches:

Branch College Rankings
Computer Science IIT Kharagpur
Electrical Engineering IIT Kanpur
IIT Bombay
IIT Delhi

What is the highest package of IIT Delhi?

IIT Delhi Placements 2020 Report

Placement Statistics 85.6%
Highest CTC INR 1 Cr
Average CTC INR 16 LPA
No. of PPOs 164
No. of Offers 1100+

Which IIT is best for what?

Here is a list of IITs along with NIRF ranking and score, which helps the candidates to select the best college after clearing their JEE exam.

List of Top IITs in India.

Name of the Institute NIRF Ranking NIRF Score
IIT Madras 1 89.93
IIT Delhi 2 88.08
IIT Bombay 3 85.08
IIT Kanpur 4 82.18

Which IIT can I get with 500 rank?

Other IIT campuses, which featured as the most preferred institutions for top 500 rankers include IIT Kanpur (14.8 per cent), IIT Kharagpur (10.2 per cent), IIT Madras (9.6 per cent) and IIT Roorkee (4.4 per cent).

Which branch in IIT has highest package?

The overall placement percentage for B. Tech students was 77.30%. The highest IIT placements package at IIT Hyderabad was 60.41 LPA, while the average package offered was 22.07 LPA.

IIT Placements Branch Wise- Hyderabad.

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Branch No. of students placed
Computer Science 66
Electrical 66
Mechanical 37
Chemical 20

Is IITian better than IAS?

Both have good scope. It depends on your interest and calibre. If we compare the both the course then IAS has good scope in the future then IITian. I t will give you the power in the administrative department of the government of India.

Which course has highest salary in IIT?

Highest International Package in IIT

Highest 2019 International Package in IIT
Name of IIT Highest Salary Package (International) (INR)
IIT Madras 133.05 Lakhs/ annum
IIT Delhi 1.45 Cr/ annum
IIT Bombay 1.14 Cr/ annum

What is the salary of IIT topper?

Package of students in top IITs usually ranges from Rs 10-20 lakh per annum whereas, for other IITs, it is between Rs 5-10 lakh per annum. The highest salary package offered in the top IITs is usually above Rs 1 crore whereas, in other IITs, the annual CTC lies between Rs 30-70 lakh.

Is IIT Delhi air conditioned?

Although the entire campus of IIT Delhi is not air conditioned, and owning a personal Cooler (or heater) for that matter is illegal, the climate of Delhi provides avenues for being able to enjoy nevertheless.

What rank is required for IIT Delhi in JEE Advanced?

Admissions in IIT Delhi

Only the top 2, 24,000 scores in JEE Main will become eligible to sit for JEE advanced. The candidates must have secured at least 75% marks or be in the top 20 percentile in the 12th Class Examination conducted by respective boards.

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