Which Hindu god is Worshipped in North India?

Which god do north Indians worship?

Thus, most South Indian Shrivaishnavas worship Vishnu in one of his many local manifestations; the North Indian groups prefer Krishna.

Which god is India in the North?

…of the son of Shiva, Skanda (also called Karttikeya, the war god), appeared as early as 100 bce…… couple, together with their sons—Skanda and the elephant-headed Ganesha—are said to dwell on Mount Kailasa…… …the North Indian war god Skanda.

Is Shiva a north Indian god?

In India from at least the 5th century onward, the major Hindu gods were Vishnu and Shiva. … Yet he is also an ancient god of fertility. Sometimes he is shown in sensuous, loving rapport with his wife Parvati and their children. Shiva was especially predominant in south India.

Is Krishna north Indian god?

listen); Sanskrit: कृष्ण, IAST: Kṛṣṇa, ITRANS – kR^iShNa) is a major deity in Hinduism. He is worshipped as the eighth avatar of Vishnu and also as the supreme God in his own right.

Statue of Krishna at the Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore.
Devanagari कृष्ण
Sanskrit transliteration Kṛṣṇa

Who is Lord Shiva’s son?

Shiva is known to have two sons — the lovable elephant-headed god Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles and Lord Kartikeya, the god of war.

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Is Varuna a Vishnu?

In the later Hindu traditions this role gradually became more and more important for Varuna, as his omniscience and omnipotence was overshadowed by the gods of Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva. … In it, an avatar of the great god Vishnu, Rama, wishes to cross the mighty ocean of Lanka.

Who is the most powerful Hindu god?

Mahadeva literally means “Highest of all gods” i.e. God of Gods. He is the supreme God in Shaivism sect of Hinduism. Shiva is also known as Maheshwar, “the great Lord”, Mahadeva, the great God, Shambhu, Hara, Pinakadharik (pinakapani- South India notation), “bearer of the Pinaka” and Mrityunjaya, “conqueror of death”.

Is Shiv and Shankar same?

Deity Shankar has an angelic body whereas Shiva is oval shaped and worshipped as Shiva Linga. Shankar has a human form residing in the subtle world region called Sankarpuri; he is responsible for destruction of the old world order.

Which god is most worshipped in South India?

An important deity around South Asia since ancient times, Kartikeya is particularly popular and predominantly worshipped in South India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Malaysia as Murugan. Kartikeya is an ancient god, traceable to the Vedic era.