Which train is running in lockdown from Mumbai to Howrah?

Are trains running from Mumbai to Howrah?

A. There are 6 trains every week to travel from mumbai cst to howrah jn.

Is train available from Mumbai to Kolkata?

There are 7 weekly trains and 3 daily trains that run from Mumbai to Kolkata , covering the shortest distance of about 1651 km by JNANESWARI DELX(12101). Note: The number of daily trains indicates particular trains that run everyday from Mumbai to Kolkata.

How many trains are running between Mumbai to Howrah?

Further, there are four trains that run on daily basis between Mumbai and Howrah. And, these trains include Gitanjali Express, Howrah Mail, Kolkata Mail and Lokmanya Tilak (T) Shalimar Express.

Which trains are running from Mumbai?

Full list of trains running till August 12: Here’s all you need to know

Train no. Train name Source
01061/62 Darbhanga Express Lokmanyatilak (T)
01071/72 Kamayani Express Lokmanyatilak (T)
01093/94 Mahanagri Express Mumbai CST
01139/40 Mumbai CST Gadag Express Mumbai CST

How many trains are running in Kolkata?

The suburban railway operates more than 1,500 services, carrying 3.5 million people daily and 1.2 billion people every year. It runs from 03:00 am until 02:00 am and the fares range from ₹5 (6.6¢ US) to ₹35 (46¢ US).

Kolkata Suburban Railway.

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Number of vehicles 200+
Train length 9 or 12 coaches
System length 1,501 km (933 mi)

What is the cost of train ticket from Kolkata to Mumbai?

Kolkata to Mumbai Gitanjali Express (12860) departs from Howrah Jn station (HWH) at 13:40 and arrives Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus station (CSMT) at 21:20 . Kolkata to Mumbai train fare is Rs. 2035 in Third AC, Rs. 2935 in Second AC and Rs.