Which types of crime is human trafficking in India?


What type of crime is human trafficking?

Human trafficking, also known as trafficking in persons or modern-day slavery, is a crime that involves compelling or coercing a person to provide labor or services, or to engage in commercial sex acts. The coercion can be subtle or overt, physical or psychological.

What are the types of human trafficking in India?


  • Trafficking for forced labour.
  • Trafficking for forced criminal activities.
  • Trafficking in women for sexual exploitation.
  • Trafficking for the removal of organs.
  • People smuggling.

What are the 4 types of human trafficking?

Types of Human Trafficking in the U.S.

  • Forced Labor. The majority of human trafficking in the world takes the form of forced labor. …
  • Bonded Labor. …
  • Debt Bondage Among Migrant Laborers. …
  • Involuntary Domestic Servitude. …
  • Forced Child Labor. …
  • Sex Trafficking. …
  • Child Commercial Sex Trade.

Is human trafficking a major crime?

Human trafficking is a global problem and one of the world’s most shameful crimes, affecting the lives of millions of people around the world and robbing them of their dignity. Traffickers deceive women, men and children from all corners of the world and force them into exploitative situations every day.

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Are there different types of human trafficking?

The 3 most common types of human trafficking are sex trafficking, forced labor, and debt bondage.

Is human trafficking legal in India?

Human trafficking in India, although illegal under Indian law, remains a significant problem. People are frequently illegally trafficked through India for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced/bonded labour.

What are the two types of trafficking?

Human trafficking is often broken into two broad categories – sex trafficking and labor trafficking.

What are the 2 types of human trafficking?

From a global perspective there are two general categories of human trafficking: sex trafficking and labor trafficking.

What are 5 forms of trafficking?

Forms of Human Trafficking

  • Human Trafficking.
  • Slavery.
  • Forced Labour.
  • Labour Trafficking.
  • Domestic Servitude.
  • Forced Marriage.
  • Servile Marriage.
  • Sham Marriage.

Is human trafficking and organized crime?

Human trafficking is also more than just a subject of organized criminal activity. It is an outcome of several interacting global conditions and dynamics, such as high competition for restricted work opportunities for large segments of young and rapidly growing populations in developing countries.