Who is the CEO of Nestle India?

Who is the current CEO of Nestle?

What is the salary of Nestle CEO?

Suresh Narayanan has surpassed HUL Chairman and Managing Director Sanjiv Mehta to take the top spot on the list. He took home an overall salary of Rs 17.19 crore in CY2020. New Delhi: Suresh Narayanan, Chairman & Managing Director of Nestle India, has become the highest-paid CEO in the FMCG industry in India.

Who is highest paid CEO in India?

Meet Top 10 Highest Paid CEOs of India in 2021

  • Mukesh Ambani.
  • Gopal Vittal.
  • CP Gurnani.
  • S N Subrahmanyam.
  • Kalanithi Maran.
  • Pawan Munjal.
  • Salil Parekh.
  • Satya Nadella.

Who owns Nestle?

Swiss food and beverage company Nestle is selling its U.S. candy business to Italian confectioner group Ferrero for $2.8 billion in cash, Ferrero announced Tuesday.

Who created Nestle?

How rich is Nestle?

2 Nestlé’s total sales in 2020 were roughly $92.2 billion (84.3 billion Swiss francs, or CHF), with a trading operating profit of $16.2 billion (CHF 14.9 billion). 34 As of July 14, 2021, the company had a market cap of approximately $347.9 billion.

Does Nestle pay well?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at Nestle USA is $123,587, or $59 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $118,620, or $57 per hour. … Salaries contributed from Nestle USA employees include job titles like Engineering Manager, Data Scientist, Sales Engineer, and Automation Engineer.

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How much does Nestle Nigeria pay?

Nestlé in Lagos Salaries

Job Title Location Salary
Medical Sales Representative salaries – 1 salaries reported Lagos NGN 177,000/mo
Quality Manager salaries – 1 salaries reported Lagos NGN 120,000/mo
Nutritionist salaries – 1 salaries reported Lagos NGN 75,000/mo
Quality Specialist salaries – 1 salaries reported Lagos NGN 100,000/mo