Who was the first Mother of India?

Who is called Mother India?

Bharat Mata means mother, and is also known as Mother India. It is called so, as it is the national personification of India as a mother goddess. She is usually depicted as a woman dressed in a saffron sari holding the Indian national flag, sometimes accompanied by a lion.

Who directed Lagaan?

Why India is called mother not father?

In simple words mother is the one who gives birth and hence we say mother is given birth to India as one of the superpower for peace and tranquility to world that is India is called as the motherland not fatherland.

What was the state of Mother India at the death of her sons?

In the poem The Gift of India the lament which Mother India has is that her brave sons, the soldiers, went to the war and died like pearls on the other country and scattered like shells on foreign land. The mother asks whether the grief and tears which she has for her brave sons can be measured by anyone.

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