Why cooler is not used in Mumbai?

Is water cooler good for Mumbai?

For the most part the temperature in Bombay is not that high. It’s the humidity that is bothersome. It’s better than fan I would say however a/c is best of weather which is hot and humid. It works, assuming that you have a decent sized window in the room, or a balcony.

Which cooler is suitable for Mumbai?

Best Air Coolers In India That Let You Beat The Heat

Air Cooler Capacity Approx Price
Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Cooler 65 Litres Rs 21,500
Orient Electric Smartcool Personal Air Cooler 16 Litres Rs 7,390
Bajaj 54-litres Window Air Cooler 54 Litres Rs 8,990
Symphony Siesta 70 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 70 Litres Rs 11,999

Which is better cooler or AC?

An air conditioner circulates the internal air of the room over and over again, whereas an air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and then cools it down. … Because of the way it operates, an air cooler offers better quality of air for your room.

Is dehumidifier required in Mumbai?

Signs You Must Purchase Dehumidifier

Stains of water on home walls or ceilings. … You may also seek to consider a dehumidifier in Mumbai if you reside in a building. This is because mould and mildew spores can move through aeration systems, and can easily build up in the walls between buildings.

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What is better than air conditioning?

If you live in a dry climate, evaporative air coolers (also known as swamp coolers) may provide a good cooling option. … Evaporative coolers pull in hot dry air and then add moisture, which may reduce the indoor temperature by more than 10 degrees. These units are typically more energy-efficient than air conditioners.

Does dehumidifier help cool room?

Dehumidifiers can cool a room because it greatly reduces humidity which is the main cause of discomfort in a room. Humidity is that heavy muggy feeling you feel due to excess water vapor in the air. Dehumidifiers can air conditioners because all the air that is left will be dry and left to cool.

Which is the best air cooler in India?

Best overall – Havells Freddo 70-Litre Cooler

The robust air cooler is sufficient to cool down areas as large as 116 m3. One of the most trusted Indian brands, Bajaj’s 54 liters window air cooler is equipped with modern functions and costs Around ₹ 6,600, making it the best budget air cooler.

Is air cooler bad for lungs?

They said even air-coolers were harmful for lungs. Feeding pigeons is fine, but constant exposure to them could invite serious diseases like hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP), says a recent national study coordinated by Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Medical College.

Is sleeping with AC bad?

Air conditioner’s unintentional negative impact: AC can give you poor sleep. AC may give you comfort but it adversely affects sleep, says a new research. The cold airflow may have a greater impact on the overall sleep with lower physical strength or a greater sensitivity to cold.

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