Why is my Indian bank card blocked?

How can I unblock my Indian bank ATM card?

From your registered mobile number with the Indian bank account you need to send a sms to 56767. Charges for Unblocking of Hot listed cards is Rs 50. You can also visit the nearest Indian bank branch and request to a bank representative to block or hotlist your ATM card or credit card.

How can I unblock my Indian bank debit card online?

Open and login Indian Bank Mobile Banking application. Next, tap on the “Cards” section. Now select your account number and debit card number. Next screen, you can see the ON/OFF button.

How can I unblock my Indian bank account?

Lock/unlock Indian Bank Online Transactions

After login tap and open Value Added Service option. Next screen tap and open Transaction Lock/Unlock option. Now you just need to tap on Lock your transactions option for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

Why would my bank block my debit card?

Normally debit cards can be blocked if there is fraud on the account so the fraudster can’t do any more damage to your account. However, there can be times where your card gets blocked because the store you went to has had a high volume of fraudulent charges made at the specific location.

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How can I activate my blocked ATM card?

Submit Written Application: If the cardholder mistakenly or purposely has blocked the card, then he / she will have to submit a written application at the nearest bank branch. This must be accompanied by the cardholder’s identity proofs so that the card can be unblocked.

How do I unblock my bank card?

Unblock your bank card at an ATM

Because you can unblock your PIN super simply. All you’ll need to do is go to the ATM, pop in your bank card and PIN as requested. Next, you’ll need to select ‘PIN services’ and then ‘PIN unblock’ and ta-daaaa! Just like magic – you’ve unblocked your bank card.

How can I unblock my central bank ATM card?

Tap “Cards” on home screen of your application. Next, click on “Debit Card Control” button. To unlock the card usage, tap the Off button, Off status is changed to On Status. Finally, a SMS for informing card activation status is also sent to user.

How can I unblock my South Indian Bank ATM card?

Entering OTP wrongly for 3 time will result in blocking of your ATM card for online transaction. To lift the block you may have to contact your SIB branch or Toll free centre of the bank.

How can I know my ATM card is blocked in India?


The customer will get a confirmation mail once the Indian Bank ATM card is blocked.

What should I do if my bank account is blocked?

If you have entered the wrong password thrice, your account will be locked. While entering the wrong password the fourth time, system will give you an option to Unblock. Click on ‘Unblock Account’ in the Login window, then enter your Login ID, E-mail Address and PAN number to unblock your account.

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Why Indian Bank is not working?

May be the server is busy or down, so wait for some time. Wait for some time because the App may be in maintenance mode. Update the App which is used to make transaction. Restart Your Phone.

How do you check my Indian bank account is active or not?

You can check if the bank account is active or not via online banking, by calling the bank representative or visiting your bank. If you haven’t done any transaction in your account for a year, which is 12 months, it will be rendered inactive by your bank.