You asked: How do I get Hulu to work in India?

Can I run Hulu in India?

Hulu is not available in India. But you can still access the channel and watch Hulu in India with PureVPN. With PureVPN, you can easily change your IP location to anywhere with ease. … PureVPN can work on any device, allowing you to stream Hulu with ease.

How do I get Hulu to work internationally?

Hulu is blocked for anyone outside of the USA. To unblock Hulu from outside the US, you’ll need to use a VPN app. The number 1 VPN to unblock Hulu is ExpressVPN, they are the world’s leading VPN provider that not only has some of the fastest connections (perfect for streaming from Hulu), but they’re super reliable.

How can I get Hulu on my Iphone in India?

How to Get Hulu in India on Apple Devices. On Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, you need to log out of your iCloud account, followed by creating a new one with its location being set in the US. That will allow you to to see Hulu in your App Store.

How do I get Hulu on my FireStick in India?

How to Install Hulu on FireStick

  1. Go to FireStick Home.
  2. Click on the Search tab from the top menu.
  3. Type Hulu and search results will show you some apps along with the Hulu app.
  4. Press Download and it will start downloading.
  5. After it is downloaded, click on the Open button.
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Why is Hulu not available in India?

Making Hulu Think You Are in the Right Country

A VPN. A VPN is a virtual private network that is crucial for unblocking services like Hulu in India, and vice versa, services like Hotstar outside of India. … That’s because Hulu has to take measures against VPN services, resulting in most of them not working.

Is VPN legal in India?

Is VPN legal or illegal in India? … Although using VPN is completely legal in India, there are some cases where the government or local police have punished people for using the service. 1. It’s better to check for yourself and not to visit legally banned sites while using VPN.

How does Hulu know my location?

Hulu will use your IP address to determine the location. … You must “check in” mobile devices every 30 days by connecting them to a network in your home location. Hulu will block streaming on your mobile device if you fail to check it in. You can change your home location up to four times within any 12-month period.

How do I change my Hulu location?


  1. Log in to Hulu on your living room device.
  2. Visit your account page on a desktop, laptop, or mobile browser.
  3. Click on the Privacy and Settings section.
  4. Click “Set or Change Home.”
  5. Enter in your new home network.

Is Hulu available outside USA?

According to the official Hulu website, the popular American streaming channel is not available internationally. … “Hulu is only accessible within the U.S. and on certain U.S. overseas military installations, as we only have streaming rights for our content in these regions.”

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Is Hulu on Google Play?

The new Hulu app is available here on the iOS app store and here on Google Play. On iOS, it’s a second app, on Android, the existing app has updated to the new interface.

Is Hulu or Netflix better?

If you’re looking for a streaming service that will give you lots of entertainment hours, Netflix will be your pick. Netflix is also perfect for families since you can stream on up to four devices compared to Hulu’s two. But Hulu can also be great for families if you decide to do the Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+ bundle.