Your question: Are there any sharks in India?

Are sharks found in India?

India’s waters have about 160 species of sharks, out of which ten are legally protected, listed under Schedule 1 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 – whale shark which was the first fish species to be protected in India, Pondicherry shark which is on the brink of extinction, Gangetic shark which is one of the few …

What kind of sharks live in India?

Types of Sharks in the Indian Ocean

  • As Blue As the Sea. Blue sharks (Prionace glauca, Carcharhinidae) make their home in the temperate waters of the Indian Ocean, along with most of the other oceans of the world. …
  • Smooth As Silk. …
  • Whitetip Terror. …
  • Gentle Giant.

Is shark Found in Indian Ocean?

They are mostly found at depths from about 200–2200 metres and prefer slopes, seamounts, deep-sea ridges, and trenches. There are 39 species belonging to this genus and the majority of them are in the western Pacific. Six species have been reported from the western Indian Ocean.

Is it safe to swim in the Indian Ocean?

Although the Indian ocean appears appealing and awe-inspiring, it is highly advisable not to swim or surf in the area, as hidden strong undertows make for dangerous conditions. If you are truly interested in checking out the water, ask locals about the safest areas to swim. Stick to areas where lifeguards are on duty.

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Are there sharks in Goa?

HI tightjock/callum its Lyn — Never seen a shark in all the years we have gone to Goa other than the very small ones the trawlers catch for tourists to eat not visa versa.

Does Indian Ocean have whales?

While enormous blue whales feed in the waters around Antarctica, smaller pygmy blue whale populations are known to inhabit the Indian Ocean, the third-largest ocean in the world.