Your question: Is there direct train from Chennai to Ooty?

How can I reach Ooty from Chennai?

The cheapest way to reach from Chennai to Ooty is bus to Coimbatore, then bus to Ooty and takes 12h 30m. The fastest way to reach from Chennai to Ooty is flight to Coimbatore International Airport, then cab to Ooty and takes 2h 56m. The recommended way to reach from Chennai to Ooty is bus to Ooty and takes 10h 5m.

Is train available from Chennai to Mettupalayam?

A. The total distance between Chennai to Mettupalayam is 532 Kms. … 02671 train (MAS MTP EXP) is the fastest train from Chennai to Mettupalayam. It takes 09:10 hrs to reach from Chennai to Mettupalayam.

Is Epass required for Ooty?

E-pass and negative RT-PCR tests still mandatory for visitors. Tourists thronged the Government Botanical Garden and the Ooty Lake and Boat House on Monday.

How can I go to Ooty from Howrah by train?

Train Travel

There is no direct train from Kolkata to Ooty. However you can take a direct train from Kolkata Railway station to Chennai railway station. It takes around 29 hours. From Chennai central station you can reach Mettupalayam Railway station.

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How long is Ooty from Chennai?

Distance Between Chennai to Ooty

Distance between Chennai to Ooty by Road is 556 Kms
Travel Time from Chennai to Ooty by Road is 10:12 hrs
Nearest Airport in Chennai Chennai International Airport (13.08, 80.27)
Nearest Airport in Ooty Coimbatore International Airport (11.41, 76.69)

How can I go to Ooty from Coimbatore by train?

There is no direct train between Coimbatore to Ooty, as such you can catch the Nilgiri Blue Mountain Express (train number 12671) from Coimbatore to Mettupalayam and then on board the Nilgiri Mountain Railway (train number 56136) for the onward journey from Mettupalayam to Ooty as the arrival time of the 12671 Nilgiri …

How can I go to Ooty from Bangalore by train?

There is no direct train from Bangalore to Ooty. You can travel to Ooty through Mysore by boarding the Basava Express from Bangalore to Mysore and then take a cab or bus from Mysore to Ooty.

Is Epass required to travel from Chennai to Ooty?

Covid-19 test with negative report has been made mandatory for tourists to visit the Nilgiris. … Though an e-pass issued by Tamil Nadu is mandatory to enter the Nilgiris district, the tourists are eager to visit the hill station after the lockdown norms were relaxed in the state.

Is it safe to visit Ooty now?

Re: Is ooty safe to visit now? Nope. Not yet for tourists, but open for Business visitors . . . . You need an E-Pass to get there and the touristy locations (like Boat house, Gardens etc) still remain closed. . . .

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Is Ooty open for tourists Sep 2021?

Ooty, Yercaud, Megamalai and Kolli Hills travel restrictions: For intrastate tourists, no questions asked. You can travel freely.