Your question: What is CSC Digital India?

Is the growth sustainable?

Is CSC a government company?

There is at present an entire ministry (MeitY) in the Indian government that is dedicated to information technology. Interestingly, despite the claims made in the RTI response, the MCA website shows CSC-SPV as a “non-government company”.

What is the benefit of CSC center?

A CSC is an IT enable front-end delivery points for Government, private and social sector services to rural citizens of India in an integrated and seamless manner. A CSC is managed by Local unemployed, educated youth providing opportunities for direct and indirect employment.

How does CSC earn money?

Earnings and Revenue Support

The Earning totally depends up to you that how you utilise your CSC centre. But,I think 20000-25000 INR is the minimum estimated earning is possible in a month from one service centre. … The proposed revenue support provided by the government is 3000 per month.

Is CSC a private company?

CSC E-governance Services India Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 16 Jul, 2009. It’s a public unlisted company and is classified as’company limited by shares’.

What is the income of CSC?

Revenue support to Common Service Centres

The amount of revenue support is proposed to be 33.33% of the normative value which works out to Rs. 3304/- per CSC per month.

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What is CSC exam?

The CSC™ exam is an two-part course offered by the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) that allows an individual to become a qualified mutual fund representative. … However, it is usually common practice to complete the Canadian Securities Course (CSC™) prior to the CPH course.

What is an example of CSC?

For example, csc A = 1/sin A, sec A = 1/cos A, cot A = 1/tan A, and tan A = sin A/cos A.

What is CSC application?

CSC – Common Service Centres is a connecting local population with the Government departments, banks, and insurance companies and with various service providers in private sector using IT-Enabled network of citizen service points.

Who is the CEO of CSC?

e-Governance Services India Limited

Name of the Director Dr. Dinesh Kumar Tyagi, Chief Executive Officer
Nature of Business IT enabled e-Governance Services
Web Address
Office Address CSC e-Governance Services India Limited 3rd Floor, Electronics Niketan, 6 CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi – 110003