Your question: Which is the only state in India that has more than 2 ports?

Which is the only state in India that has more than two ports?

Maharashtra with 53 ports has highest number of ports in India. Maharashtra is followed by Gujarat (40) and Andhra Pradesh (12).

Which one of the following States has more than two major ports?

Maharashtra has two major ports – Jawaharlal Nehru Port & Mumbai Port. The major port in West Bengal is Kolkata (including Haldia) Port.

Which state has highest number of non-major ports?

The western state of Gujarat and Maharashtra had the highest number of non-major ports in India, with each having 48 non-major ports. This was followed by the Andaman and Nicobar islands with 24 non-major ports.

Is the deepest port of India?

Visakhapatnam is one out of the 13 major ports in India. Therefore, this is the correct answer as Vishakhapatnam is the deepest sea-port in India.

Which state has the most ports?

List by 2013 figures

Rank (by total trade) Port name State
1 Port of South Louisiana Louisiana
2 Port of Houston Texas
3 Port of New York and New Jersey Port Newark New Jersey New York
4 Port of Beaumont Texas

Which is the smallest port in India?

Facts about Major ports in India

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S.No Name of the Port State
1. Kandla Gujarat
2. Paradip Odisha
3. JNPT Maharashtra
4. Mumbai Maharashtra

Why Tamil Nadu has more ports?

Tamil Nadu is the only state with more than one major port because the depth of water is high. … The coastline of Tamil Nadu has a length of about 1076 km constitutes about 15% of the total coastal length of India. It stretches along the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean, and the Arabian Sea.