Your question: Who started underworld in Mumbai?

Who is the first underworld don in Mumbai?

Mastan Mirza (1 March 1926 – 25 June 1994), popularly known as Haji Mastan or Sultan Mirza, was an Indian mafia gang leader, originally from Tamil Nadu and based in Bombay.

Who did Haji Mastan marry?

Who is the Don of Bangalore?

Jayaraj (born in 1944/1946–1989) was the first ever don of Bangalore underworld.

M. P. Jayaraj
Born 1946 Bangalore, Thigallarapete, Karnataka, India
Died 21 November 1989 (aged 43) Karnataka, India
Occupation Gangster, politician
Relatives M.P Hemavathi (sister), M.P. Ramesh (brother) M.P. Umesh (brother)

Who killed Samad Khan?

On 12 February 1981, they gunned Shabir down at a petrol pump in Prabhadevi.

Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar
Cause of death Killed by Manya Surve, Amirzada, Alamzeb Jangrez Khan and Siddique
Relatives Dawood Ibrahim (Brother)

Who is the girlfriend of Haji Mastan?

Sona Mastan Mirza was an actress in the Hindi film industry in the 70s and 80s. Though she was not that popular, gangster Haji Mastan fell in love with her due to her striking similarities with Madhubala. She got married to Mastan in 1984 and they often made it into the news due to their love story.

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